GPU Choices

Hello All,

I’m putting together a new machine. I want to get some kind of GPU solution for Blender/Cycles.

The GTX 5xx series are getting harder to come by - so I was wondering what are the implications of using two GT 640 - each with 4GB of RAM…how would this compare to a GTX 580…?



best buy sells this one:

MSI GTX 570 Twin Frozor II for 260$

The CPU is only getting to 64 Celsius max most other cards are around 80 C and the card is extremely silent.

GTX 580 0:30 min
GTX 570 0:55 min

GTX 650 1:58 min

The 650 costs around 120$ to 160$ and as you can see is quite slower as well by 50%. So why not just buy a much better card for the same price or less. I dont think that both cards together are resulting into a true double speed improvement.

GTX 660 @ 306.97
Blender 2.65a
Win 7 x64


if you are abit more savy and on a budget

-cost ~200bucks
-uses half the power (you still have to factor in render time)
-2GB Ram

PS: EVGA apparently even has a 3GB version avaible.

What OS do you use Jonas108. The 600 series are slower but sometimes not that much considering they are a bit cheaper and draw less power which maybe over time can save money.