GPU & CPU Ballance for particles, physics, rendering? $800 budget

Building a desktop, and have about $800 left for the GPU & CPU in the budget after the case, memory, etc.

I’d really like to biy all the parts by the end of the month if possible.

I’m mostly planning to do a lot of physics, manta flow, and other types of simultiin animations, and render them in cycles.

I did a bunch of research and am confused as to whether or not any of these use multithreading, or GPUs.

So I’m having trouble figuring out how to spend the $800 or less that I have left.

Looks like I can get a pretty good AMD CPU for $300-500, and a decent Nvidia GPU for around that same range.

Should I do a 50/50 split on the budget, or put more into ine or the other?

Also, I was going to go with 32 GB of RAM. Would getting 64 make a big difference in the speed of processing those simulations, or rendering them?

64GB of memory only makes sence if you render highly compelx scenes.
So how complex will your particle/physics simulations will be?

Note you can get 2x16 set, then upgrade later if you need more.

I will be honest I don’t do many simulations, as such my 32GB setup is more then enough.

CPU/GPU wise, again, depends how much time you currently spend simulating, and how much rendering.

If you simulate far more then render, then prioritize CPU, else GPU. If it is indeed a balance then yes, for now. Untill they start simulations in non CPU devices.