Gpu + cpu

(RickyBlender) #1

in latest 2.79 built how do you set up the renderer for GPU + CPU ?

what is the new link for release notes ?

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(Grzesiek) #2

user preferences -> System -> (bottom left) Cycles Compute Devices -> OpenCL --> ensure all devices are selected.

(Grzesiek) #3

And in default Blender window -> render (small camera) icon tab in the preferences window -> ensure cycles is selected and ensure GPU render is selected.

Tile wise, best to set more CPU centric tiles (16x16 or 32x32). There has been plenty of optimizations to ensure GPU’s render well in the small tiles.

And when you render you should see CPU Threads+ # of GPU devices. eg. 4 core 8 thread cpu with 2 GPU’s, you should see 10 tiles being rendered.

Anything else means i missed something in this post (not the above one) or driver issues.

(RickyBlender) #4

looks like the AMD vid card is not recognize anymore
so won’t be able to use this feature

I got another machine with an NVIDIA card so might work on that one
will test that this weekend

thanks for feedback
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(Grzesiek) #5

what GPU do you have that is not being recognies?

(RickyBlender) #6

on my old machine it is the HD8670 D

last year it was recognise as a GPU
mind you I did some test then and did not give much better then on CPU
and it was working with Luxender as GPU

but looks like in latest 2.79 it is not seen as a GPU

I got another machine coming in this weekend and this one has a very good card Nvidia so that should work much better and faster
but still wondering how much you gain in terms of speed when using GPU and CPU mode.

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