GPU Cuda Card Mac Pro Blender/After Effects Advice Needed

Hi Everyone,
I have a Mac Pro and it’s graphics card is really slow in the render process. I need to upgrade my card, but I don’t know which one to get. It has to be the absolute least expensive one there is because I am operating not just on a shoestring, but on a broken shoestring! I want to be able to increase my productivity and render a lot faster. I bought a card that I thought was going to do it, but it’s one generation too old (I guess) to work with blender in the cycles render. I need to be able to get blender to render much more quickly, as well as Adobe After Effects. Would EVERYONE please chime in on what you use or know about the least expensive Cuda cards that will make my productivity much more satisfying??? The card I bought was a 2nd gen Mac Pro nVidia GeForce GTX285 1 GB Video Card, but apparently it isn’t able to get blender to render any quicker. Please help! Thanks so much!! Nikki:spin:[TABLE=“class: my_itl-iT”]

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A new graphics card is not going to help After Effects a bit (as of CS6 there is still no GPU support). So to render faster you need to solve for Blender. The promise of faster rendering via GPU is still kind of a pipe dream. For instance I bought the 460GTX with 1GB of ram. Surely that is enough RAM to get my simple scenes done? But no, I encounter cuda errors all the time when I venture into the Cycles rendering realm. Which forces me to render using the CPU anyway. I am very impatient so I end up using Blender Internal a lot more than Cycles.

My advice for you is to leverage the Blender Internal render system. This will get you faster renders on your current hardware.