GPU errors still but the card it'self is undamaged

I am running a onboard graphics due to a driver malfunction still, all of this started when updating the drivers,
I tried rolling back, I tried uninstalling amd completely, which worked for a small amount of time,

I have vertical lines in my boot screens, someone said this may be a slightly disconnected monitor cable as the artifacts are uniform and unchanging, booting using the card as the primary causes BSOD’s

Should I open up my notebook and check? when it first happened, video turned off completely for monitor but hdmi was fine… so I was thinking it’s some sort of recording prevention system.

second off I need to know what the best thermal paste is for my cpu/gpu as I am suspicious it came unstuck again,
and third off, I have a dell 1558 notebook and the heat sink is in a very silly location,

anyone know of a way to get rid of the fan and make it external somehow? portability is not a issue, but the thing is nested in so deep, it always gets clogged with dust and you have to remove EVERYTHING to get to it.

right now my solution is to use air conditioning output through a silica packet system to remove moisture, and then I dump the cold air directly into the air intake…

I have a Ati 5470

I had the same problem when I tried to update my Ati graphic card, To fix this you need to download the AMD cleanup util
It’s used to remove any ATI folder in your computer,after doing so download and install the latest graphic card update which is available in the AMD website.
After doing all those steps,tell me if it works.

If the first option doesn’t work,try to watch this video to help you.

It looks like a Vram corruption,

I run the tool in dos to check it out and it crashes, or fails the mem test.

I need 350+ usd now to get a Nvida to replace it with, and to put it (I’ve never done a full motherboard swap on a tiny lil notebook)

I am not going to buy a amd graphics card computer in the future, or a “onboard” gpu…

silly me.

Your lucky that your notebook memory wasn’t corrupted if not you might have lost all your data in your notebook, yeah it’s a good decision choosing a nvidia card since it’s a lot more powerful and has less issues than an AMD graphic card.
Which Nvidia graphic card are you going to buy?

there are not many that conform to the size of my motherboard,
and intel 7 cpu,

there is a list of like 2 :frowning:

and they are only onboards,