GPU for Blender- AMD RX 570 or NVIDIA? CPU - Ryzen or Intel?

Compared to NVIDIA, is an AMD GPU like RX 570 (which outperforms a 1050 ti and a 1650, both of which are my choices) as compatible and hassle-free?

Moreover, does a Ryzen CPU work as well with Blender as an Intel one?
I’m looking at a Ryzen 5 3600 which is much better than an i5 8400 and an i5 9600k, but I have a doubt about AMD’s compatibility with Blender.

There are no compatibility issues with either AMD or INTEL CPUs.
For GPU you should keep in mind that on AMD there is an additional compile time before the actual render start. Generally we can say, that NVIDIA cards are preferred at the moment.

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Thanks for that! So I can go with the Ryzen, but have to choose an NVIDIA GPU for the time right?

That would be the build I would go with, I’m running thread ripper @12 and 2 nvidia 960GTZ’s at the moment personally

I’d go with that. I myself am running a first gen Ryzen 1800x and two RTX2070s. Before that I had a VEGA 64. It did render fine but compile time bothered me too much.