GPU for display?

I have a GTX 780 which I use a lot. I am also using it for my display, I mean I have the monitor connected to it. When I do a GPU render the computer is more or less unusable. Is there a setting I can change, or should I be plugging the monitor into the onboard video slot? Thanks?

If you have a second video card do plug the monitor there. That way all of the 780 GPU will be used for rendering and not for refreshing the screen (and whatever other activities you want to do while rendering).

Hi, the i5 iGPU is very good for Blender.
It is may needed to setup first card in BIOS setup, on my board I have to switch from Auto to iGPU to get the HD 4000 to work.

Cheers, mib

When I try to plug my monitor into the onboard (motherboard) vga slot it gets no signal.

I went into the BIOS and poked around, although I could not find anything related to it in there, maybe I just didn’t find it.


On my Asus board it is in Advanced Mode > Advanced > System Agent Configuration > Graphics Configuration
I had set Primary Display from Auto to PCIe.
Consult your board manual, it is a setting for sure.

Cheers, mib

Ok, thanks, time to shut down and start fiddling with the dna…

Yes! Yeah it was buried in system,advanced,graphics something, I had to change ‘peg’ to ‘igp’ and auto to dual.

I can do superfast gpu renders and actually use my computer. So happy. Thanks guys.