GPU for Mac 2020

Hello guys!

Is any GPU supported for Mac in 2020 (cycles) ? Or do I have to subscribe to a render farm?

Im using-
Blender 2.80

My computer-
Mac mini 1218
Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6
3 GHz Intel Core i5
Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

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As it seems right now Cycles won’t support GPU rendering for Blender macOS in the near future. But Radeon ProRender is a fine alternative, supporting Apple’s Metal.

And the upcoming Octane X will be the next alternative. Don’t know when that will be available though.

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@Metin_Seven Thank you sir, I bought the radion pro render but returned it since I didn’t like the results.
As I understand it the radion pro render can’t be used to render cycles (just it’s own render engine), is that right or am I just missunderstanding things.

Radeon ProRender is free. :slightly_smiling_face: And as far as I know it’s largely or at least partly compatible with Cycles materials, although it’ll probably work better with its native materials.

@bsavery can tell you more about RPR.

Sorry I confused it with theBlack Magic e gpu pro (that’s what I bought and returned)

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I can tell you more about RPR! It should be a drop in replacement for cycles in many cases. Some shading nodes are not yet supported, but enough are working that you can render current scenes and recreate what you want.

There are docs:
and download it (for free) here:


I swear on my life I can’t get Prorender to enable no matter what I’ve tried. I need some kind of step by step guaranteed to work foolproof routine because I seem to be doing something wrong.

macOS 11.0, 1 Vega 64 gpu, iMac Pro

I looked at the download site today and its Mac support only goes as far as Catalina. You are runnning Big Sur and that may be the problem. I have the same Vega 64 gpu, iMac Pro setup as you, but I have not yet tried ProRender. I will let you know what happens if I do.