GPU for viewport (not for rendering)

Hi all,

I currently have a dual Xeon system on a server board which I am running off of its on-board graphics (Matrox G200), with the CPUs doing the rendering. I am planning to get a dedicated GPU for this system, but it will not be doing any Cycles rendering at all. I am wondering if the GPU plays a big role in viewport performance (ie modelling, particles, simulations, navigating around 3D space etc) or if I could just skimp on the GPU.

So, the two cards I have in mind are the GT 720 and the GTX 750ti. Will viewport performance be significantly better with the 750ti or will the 720 be enough?


Hi, at the moment Blender UI use only basic features of the GPU.
This will change for Blender 2.8 series maybe next year.
I had the GTX 750Ti some years ago and got no significant better performance than my Intel HD 4400 integrated GPU.
Can you add the chip GPU version of your board?
The server GPU chips are really basic and if you can get a GT card cheap it help for OpenSubdiv (Subdivide) and viewport drawing of GLSL preview.
I got a used GT 630 2 GB for 40€ lately, this should be fine for Blender atm…

Cheers, mib

My board is fitted with a G200, with which you don’t typically get more than 2fps playing around with the default cube. I can snag a 720 2gb for $50 while a 750ti will go for around three times that price, same 2gb of vram for both.

Thanks, I think maybe a 720 should suffice. Isn’t exactly futureproof, but I’m not planning to keep this card for long either