GPU Gems 2

I am not saying anything, it is just a good read, and wait for someone brave enough to try it. It has a detailed interview on how Apples Motion was built and could very well be cross platform on what kind of code it was built with.

Also a great section on rendering to still images rasterraztion instead of realtime.

could very well be cross platform

By “cross platform”, you mean “works on NVidia cards”?

Yes, and that it could be ported to windows no sweat since all of the image editing is done by the gpu and not the cpu, all that is needed is the gui. They talked about all of the filters and such as shaders, running on ati and nividia

By “cross platform”, you mean “works on NVidia cards”?
Mr. Policeman, I believe he was saying like: “Works on every common hardware/software platform providing certain hardware conditions are met.”

Comment: due mutual love expressed between Blender and ATI graphics hardware, yes, “Works on NVidia cards” should be considered a bonus.

Consider me an Ombudsman.

I would just like to point out that shader technology was started by NVidia but is now a collaboration between ATI and NVidia. The 9800 and up, and the Geforce 3 and up are capable of programmable shaders (CG language as well). The newer the card the more flexible and feature rich they become.

‘cross platform’ refers to the OS only. GPU code is OS independant, so what they mean is that the code can be loaded with OpenGL onto the graphics card, thus making it cross platform. Of course the code can be loaded with Direct3D as well… :smiley:

BTW, I would love to get a copy of this…