GPU Help: 1 2070/2080 vs 2 1060/1080

Currently looking at getting some new GPU beef for my computer.

Not quite sure what blender prefers, but I am leaning towards either getting 2 1060/1080s or a single 2070/2080. I know you can use multiple GPU at once, so I am wondering if having an additional older card would outperform a single newer one.

Eevee is working only on one GPU, I personally would invest in one RTX , it may not be the fastest under some circumstances, (I guess cycles with 2 GPU may be faster) , but it will last longer as it is new technology.
just my 2 cents…

Thanks! I mostly render in Cycles, but as I am making the move to 2.8+, Im trying to use eevee while working and rendering in cycles.

depending on the work you’re doing, Eevee can be quite nice !
It’s not as good as cycles in rendering quality , but having all shading and lighting realtime can lead to better pictures, I was skeptical at first but now it’s my first choice unless I’m doing something really specific.

Ya, I am leaning towards a 2080.

Do you happen to know how the GPU affects/scales viewport performance?

the gpu will have a fairly noticable effect on viewport speed. Also going for the RTX gpu will give you access to the optix rendering pathway, which is significantly faster than the CUDA pathway.

I say go for the single 20X0 gpu, it will probably perform about the same as both 10X0 in cycles, and it will be significantly faster in Eevee.