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I originally posted this in the rendering forum, but it was suggested that it might be better here.

“Windows 7 ATI Radeon HD5570
I have the latest driver installed.
When I chose GPU in the preferences System panel, my choice is “Redwood”. In the render panel, if I choose “GPU Compute” I can choose “Supported”. When I render, I get a message (follows the normal info about frame, time, etc.) that it is loading render kernels and may take a few minutes the first time. Then, nothing actually renders. There are no error messages, and the render completes (progress goes to 100%), but there just isn’t any rendered image. Just a gray and black checkerboard.”

So apparently my GPU is NOT supported as of now (2.77a). I am wondering if it will ever be supported, or would it be worth the investment to buy a newer, supported GPU.

I am wondering if it will ever be supported
Never. It is not worth the effort to support such low end hardware. Crappy graphics cards like this one will most likely give you longer render times than if you just used your cpu.

radeon does not have cuda. It supports opencl
but im not sure if its possible to render with this card.


Richard, when you say “never”, I assume you mean Blender will never support my graphics card. But that’s why I ended with my question, is it really worth buying a new GPU, or are the benefits/improvements not that great? As for my card being “crappy”, I don’t game, so it’s more than adequate for my professional photography work. The only place where it falls short is for Blender for not being able to use GPU rendering.

Hi, it depends on your system specs and your budget.
If you have a strong i7 or similar you need a 300-500 $ GPU to get better performance.
The next limit is GPU VRAM, if you use highpoly scenes with HD textures the mid class GPU with 4 GB may not enough for your needs.
For example I had i5 and 8 GB RAM and a new board with 6 core CPU was much more expensive than a 350 $ GPU which was 4 times faster than my CPU.
I bought a second used GTX 670 2 GB for smaller scenes for 80 $ which give me another x2 performance boost but limit scenes to < 2 GB.
GPU VRAM is not added, smallest card limit the whole system.

Cheers, mib