GPU not working properly or faulty?

Hi everybody!

I’m a new blender user and I’m having some fun at learning stuff. I was in need of a new portable gear and I’ve bought an ASUS n550jv with a 4Gb Vram 750m, not the best thing to render with cycles, but at least faster than the cpu. Sadly with a scene I’ve made following some tutorial, every time I need more than 2Gb for rendering it with cycles I get this error:

invalid value in cuTexRefSetAddress(NULL, texref, cuda_device_ptr(mem.device_pointer), size)

I’ve got a memory peak of 2528 MB (well below my 4GB and with the CPU is around the same amount of ram required.
I’ve tried with blender 2.68, 2.69, 2.70 (cuda+ogl); I’ve removed the video driver, the graphic device and I’ve reinsalled the driver (now the system is more stable but the error is still there); I’ve updated the system bios (back and forth from and to previous release).

Someone got a clue of what is happening to my 750m?
Thanks :slight_smile: