GPU on Ubuntu

I have both CUDA and OpenCL installed on my Ubuntu, because I use it for machine learning. My video card is NVidia GTX 970, and on Windows the GPU option is available, though in Ubuntu it is not, everywhere I search for a solution people tell to install CUDA and OpenCL, but I already did that. Also someone told to start blender as root, but that didn’t work either.


What Ubuntu version?

Download official tar.bz2 Blender:

Extract to a new folder, enter to the folder and execute there the “blender” file.

Official Blender don’t need a working installation of CUDA Toolkit, it has precompiled CUDA kernel included.

Of course, first you need to install proprietary nvidia drivers from Ubuntu Drivers Manager.

It worked, thanks! I have previously installed it from the ubuntu-mate… Guess it is a smaller instalation