GPU problem!!! please help!!

Hey everyone!

im using blender 2.78 and i have an amd Radeon 280x , by default when i go into user preferences in blender , blender wont detect open cl , so i tried out opening blender in the following way from command prompt:

start blender.exe

this time open cl popped up on user preferences , but the graphics card that was listed was ‘tahiti’
so when i rendered using gpu afterward, there is no change in render times

am i doing somthing wrong?

ps:- blender 2.79 wont even recognizwe my gpu , even after the command prom[pt thingy

please help!

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Blender requires at least CGN 2.0

and your card is 1.0

But I was able to use this GPU in blender 2.78 . And it could identify the gpu

Is there any workaround for this problem?

Use 2.78 if you must. It’s not supported in 2.79.