GPU question - When is the 3000 series coming out, is it worth waiting & skipping the 2060/70?

I was thinking of buying the rtx 2060 or 70, and was also looking on ebay for a used 1070.
But someone told me the 3000 series was just around the corner.

Any idea of its arrival date, and what the price might be?

I heard it will be out near September.

Question is also about availability. My memory might be a little hazy but when the 10xx series came out not all the models were released around the same time and for quite a while I recall prices for the upper end models being jacked up all the way by resellers.
Then there’s the question how good e.g. the cooling might be on the first available models.

Totally missed out on the release of the 20xx series so I don’t know how that went but I have one of these cards now and specifically went for a model that was on the silent and cool running end of the spectrum (one from Asus).

And about price - who knows. Nvidia still does not seem to have too much competition and with all the Corona stuff going down this year I find it hard to draw any conclusions.

Probably costs more than their current flagship the 2080 Ti which would put it in the 1200-1400 $ price range.

“According to a report from the Taipei Times (via Tom’s Hardware), Nvidia’s ampere architecture could deliver 50% better performance than the Turing line while consuming half as much power.”

Take it with a bus-load of salt.
But assuming this is true than that would make it absolutely worth it in my opinion.