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Hi Guys,
I am looking to pop in a new GPU, i currently own gtx 780 6gb.
I don’t really care for cycles, but do for eevee ii.e. for substance painter.
I mostly do sculpting, modelling and retopology.

The other software i use in my pipeline is:
substance painter

So basically, this is the classic question, whereby i want to push for as many pixels as possible. rendering for stills

Would GPU ram improve the performance of these features.

and with blender 2.8, would GPU be capped at the lowest ram available or would the ram be combined.

Please Help

(sozap) #2

eevee will use the ram of your display card, you can combine multiple GPU for speed or ram.
With more VRAM it won’t be faster, but you will be able to use more textures, have better defined shadows ect…