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Hi Guys,
I am looking to pop in a new GPU, i currently own gtx 780 6gb.
I don’t really care for cycles, but do for eevee ii.e. for substance painter.
I mostly do sculpting, modelling and retopology.

The other software i use in my pipeline is:
substance painter

So basically, this is the classic question, whereby i want to push for as many pixels as possible. rendering for stills

Would GPU ram improve the performance of these features.

and with blender 2.8, would GPU be capped at the lowest ram available or would the ram be combined.

Please Help

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eevee will use the ram of your display card, you can combine multiple GPU for speed or ram.
With more VRAM it won’t be faster, but you will be able to use more textures, have better defined shadows ect…

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how about sculpting and vram, again any form of rendering is out of the window, as i am not too interested in those features i.e. rendering is a real afterthought, and most would be some stills.
So would sculpting be optimized to use the vram of the gpu in 2.8.
please help


I’m not an expert, but as far as I know, Zbrush mostly uses your CPU for sculpting, not the GPU. Maybe the GPU helps with the display of the model itself (or not?), but the actual sculpting performance is CPU-based.

I’ve heard Blender’s sculpting tools aren’t very fast / optimized compared to Zbrush’s, and as far as I know that won’t change in 2.8, but I don’t know what the GPU-CPU balance is there. I’d bet Blender’s sculpting relies a lot on the CPU as well.

What CPU do you have?

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my current pc has a 4790k

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Its hard to say what 2.8 will be optimized for.

As it currently stands. Any good GPU, with 8GB or more is what you want to get for viewport with large scenes. But it does depend on scene complexity.

You didn’t mention your budget, so here are some recommendations covering various ranges.

Super high end - RTX 2080TI - 11GB. excluding any RTX functions it is the fastest desktop GPU you can get right now (and insanely expensive)

High end - GTX 1080TI 11GB or RTX 2080 8GB

End ? - GTX 1080 8GB or Vega 64 8GB

Mid End - GTX 1070TI 8GB or Vega 56 8GB

Low Mid End - GTX 1060 6GB or RX 580 8GB

These are on par to each other in performance. I can provide lower GPUs

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oh thanks that is more than adequate for.

As the other user mentioned it might just be the case that sculpting is hardly optimized, or that the optimizations is not in place.

The question now boils down to the refactoring of blender and how it may affect overall poly count for both sculpting and vertex modelling etc…