GPU Render doesn't work....


I tried Blender Cycles Render. It works good, but i would like to render by graphic card. So, i set in user preferences “Compute Device” to “OpenCL”. After it i set in “Render” panel Experimental Feature set, and after it, i set like device GPU Compute (because if i set supported feature set, i menu for choose device). So, after, i click on “Image” (render image) and Blender wrotted, that it build Open CL kernel. I waited few minutes, but suddenly Blender wrotted “Error | Open CL build failed: errors in console”.

My question is easy: what did i set incorrect?

I have graphic card ATI Radeon 6850 1GB

At the moment, OpenCL is still in development, I believe. It’s a bit unreliable, and makes using ATI cards problematic.

Having said that: take a screen grab of the console error and post that here? Go to Window–>Toggle System Console. Would be happy to see if it’s something that should work. There might be something in the Blender Bug Tracker…