GPU Render Time Slowed?

Hi, I just upgraded to the latest version of Blender (2.72b) and for some reason, GPU rendering time has lengthened dramatically, so much that my CPU can render scenes faster. I heard that CPU rendering time had decreased in the latest version, and although it does seem to be faster, it isn’t nearly as fast as GPU rendering was in the previous version, and it seems that the GPU has been intentionally nerfed to make the CPU appear faster.
Is there anyway I can fix this? because scenes take at least five times as long to render now.

what graphics card / OS are you running?

Hi Ivandor.
2.72 appears to be slower with several cards (for example with the 750Ti, render time increased by 5-17% depending on the scenes).
It seems to be a direct implication of the implementation of several new features for GPU rendering (SSS and volume scattering).
In parallel, dramatic optimizations were done in CPU rendering.

Maybe optimization with the new CUDA 6.5 will correct that.

I’m running a gtx 645 on windows 8.1

Thanks, I had a feeling that the new features had something to do with it, but I wasn’t sure.