GPU Rendering broken HELP

Hi everyone! in the last 2 days whenever i do a GPU rendering is completely broken, i tried multiple projects, i’ve always used gpu for rendering but this has never happened before…
One other strange thing is that this error appears only in the rendering, not in the preview.
I got this with every version of blender, now i’ll try re-installing the gpu drivers, by the way, i have an AMD R9 290X.

In the Prompt Blender says:

Error, region type 5 missing in - name:"Image", id:16

I don’t even know what’s the problem, here’s a little video:

As you see, in the preview mode everything is fine, but when it comes to rendering, ONLY the plane under the logo disappear…

Your using and AMD card, the issue your having is the same I have with the latest drivers as well. It’s an AMD problem, they’re drivers are buggy. It’s a problem for all AMD Cards, and AMD have yet to fix it (for over 2 years)

Cycles GPU rendering only works properly on nVidia cards, via CUDA (or OpenCL IIRC). There is nothing that you can change or the blender dev’s can fix to solve this problem unfortunatly.

I know about the problems related with AMD cards, but i’ve always used my gpu to render, and this is the first time i see something like this ._.

Then you’ve been lucky I guess, perhaps your mesh detail/material selection hasn’t caused any issues before, or not noticeable ones. Sadly (as an AMD user myself) there isn’t much one can do to get around it