GPU Rendering crash TDR restarts GPU

Blender 2.70
System : Windows 7
GPU : Geforce GTX650 1 GB
Drivers : 335 23 latest

Not sure if it is problem on my computer only , but everytime i try to render a particular scene Blender Crashes.
The whole GPU restarts itself and Blender has to be stoped.
Funny thing is if i dont move the mouse the renders keeps going.
Also could be the models are too heavy , but the VRAM goes to 300+ Mb so igues its not so hard for the GPU to load it.

Checked on the internet Microsoft are giving a workaround this

But it never happened on other blend for me so far , so if you could test this out , and please give feedback.

Blend File :

Renders fine here…
Peak memory usage 341.25 MB.
See signature for system specs, NVidia driver version 327.23.

Thanks SHinji , it helped , i revert back to 327,23 , no more hang ups.

Glad to hear!
This is the third or fourth time I read here about issues with Blender, CUDA and the latest 335.23 driver version… Maybe it’s better to stay away from that release until further notice.

It crashed again… i left it rendering when i came back the error was back…

Its happening to me maybe because my card cant handle those models.
I have them from 3ddd ru, FBX models which include textures , and maybe thats the problem.
Its too heavy for my GPU.