GPU rendering crashing Blender

Or more accurately, GPU rendering in Blender gives me the black screen of death. The problem is that while doing a basic GPU render is no issue, if I’m adding onto it with something like adaptive subsurfacing or denoising. My GPU out and out crashes and never restarts unless I physically restart my computer. And this is an issue as Blender, for the most part, works fine save for the odd crashing when it refuses to load or just closes on me out of the blue.

At this point I don’t know if it’s my GPU card that’s at fault (it’s a Radeon RX 460 chipset with 2GB of RAM on board) and I have to upgrade it, or if Blender’s simply getting unstable to the point where CPU rendering is the only way I can do some of those extra tasks.

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I am not sure if denoising is the issue and if it is try switching to the compositor Denoise node so that you can save some resources during rendering.

But, adaptive tessellation though is a big deal.

What are you trying to achieve?

Because a lot of things could crash your computer when using it. Do not go below 1 px dicing scale often. And when previewing the tessellation in the viewport render, try to zoom out to a decent level before switching to rendered view. Because if you are too zoomed in to see the detail, blender will tessellate to the pixel. And since adaptive tessellation is resolution dependent, this could result in crazy amount of subdivisions that your machine can never handle. You can always zoom in once the render view has started.

And since your graphic card has only around 2 gigs, too many subdivisions is definitely an overkill.

Thing is, my settings for tessellation are set at the default (8 px preview, 1 px render), so I really shouldn’t be having this issue in that regard. And I’ve got my viewing distance a decent length away.

But I have had the GPU crash on me during the denoising stage if I have it enabled, and that forces me to use CPU rendering if I actually want to use it.

Could you share your blend file? I ll have a closer look.

With only 2GB of RAM I would guess it is running out of RAM. It should just say not enough ram or something instead of crashing, but the AMD support is not as good as Nvidia. I hear CUDA is just easier to code for making problems like crashing less likely.

Oh no, this was just a random setup I did to make sure that it was working as it kept crashing when I tried to render out that Opel GT from Blendswap.
but here it is anyway: Test File

@watercycles, no it just flat out crashes into black screen of death with no warning beyond a frozen screen. I would like it if AMD support was better supported with Blender than just Nividia.

Ye I seem to have this problem aswell. I have a Radeon RX480 with 8gb of ram and I crash everytime I try a gpu render even at low samples. I have no idea what the problem is

Blender too bad with Radeon cards.You can only use stable with Blender 2.82a and 20.4.2 drivers. New versions does not support old drivers and never works good with new drivers. Use GPU only, not use CPU+GPU mod.

For this reason, I sold my RX 570 8 GB card and bought GTX 1650 Super (RTX cards are out of stock). Now my render 2x fast (with OptiX) and stable. If you want use Blender, not use Radeon cards.