GPU Rendering doesn't work

I have enables GPU Rendering in my User Preferences, and also changed it from CPU to GPU in the render panel. However, if I render the image, it renders very fast (4 Seconds vs. 40 Seconds on CPU), but the image doesn’t show in the render result, its just blank. Anyone has an Idea what could be going on?

No info on hardware
No info on the scene trying to be rendered
No screenshots of the whole interfaces (3d view / properties / outliner / render window)
No example blend files

Please don’t rely on other people having to guess this kind of information. Be helpful

What happens when you render on CPU?

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Blender 2.69 on Windows 7 64-bit with a GeForce GTX 260. It does it with any scene, and it doesn’t even produce a picture when I render, so it has nothing to do with the scene itself.

If I render on the CPU everything is fine, scene renders fine, all is normal. I just want to change it to the GeForce to get a faster result.

On this link ( somebody posted the same problem, but I dont have any idea how to do whats listed there with cmake-gui

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It could be, but I’m not sure, something wrong with a material. For example, on my Blender version SSS is not supported by GPU render.
I’m working on a cake model and everythin was rendering ok with GPU until the final render which gives me the same blank resul of yours. Don’t know why, you have to play around with setings, hide objects and see what is affecting your render.

is a thread around here somewhere about what cards are supported
but you might find your card is too old now to use with cycles
fingers crossed I’m wrong but dig up that thread and maybe save yourself some headaches

I do have quite a few materials in my scene, I will try some different ones. Thx for the suggestion

My card really isn’t the newest. But im just wondering, I always thought if your card shows up in blenders user preferences, that means it is supported. Or could some unsupported cards still show?

There is a progress out, but sometimes you got some artefact somewhere; i did mean Blender of course ;). Your card is listed as having CUDA Compute Capability number 1.3 which blender does not support any more. There is a remote (even more than minimal) possibility that might have build which does have support for 1.3. I have mine lying around for some time.

Thx for your answer, at least I see whats wrong now, because this didn’t make any sense to me at all. The older build that supports 1.3 wouldnt have cycles build in right?

When Cycles started out requirements were lower and almost all nv cards did work fine including CC 1.3. Later, when new features were introduced, it got complicated to program these using limited CC set. So it was decided on dropping support for such cards.
Best would be to upgrade video card/PC.

was a thread about using older cards BUT (I couldn’t do it lol ) “think” you have to compile blender yourself
what eppo says is probably the best answer, you would see a BIG improvement :wink:
read lots before buying!!! some cards are lots better then others (brands not type)

This is the only one most recent build (blender 2.66, 32bits) I’ve found that runs with my Nvidia GTX260:

It works very fast in GPU mode, both in support and experimental mode. I don’t know but I guess you could get for 64 bits too.

I got a Geofrce GTX 570 but it is still not rendering. Crazy ?