GPU rendering in Cycles

I have an AMD HD 5750 graphics card. I know Blender isn’t exactly AMD friendly now, but searching around, it seems that you can put Blender in “experimental” mode and should be able to use the “Open CL” settings of your AMD graphics card. I’ve read posts from people doing this with lower graphics cards than what I have. But when I put it in experimental mode and go to the preferences, system settings, I only get the “CPU” from the selection. Any hope for me to use GPU rendering?

There is also a setting in the User Preferences, on the System tab: “Compute Device”. You must warn Blender that you want to use the GPU… if it lets you.

Just don’t expect miracles. OpenCL doesn’t supports all the features of Cycles.

Yes, that’s the setting I’m speaking of. Mine only shows “CPU”.

Yeah, I think that option has been removed in 2.65 for the moment, as it was essentially useless for anything apart from clay renders. Using OpenCL on nVidia made no sense either, as CUDA was faster.

Thanks…hopefully we will see something in the future.

You can’t render on amd cards.

Some might point you in certain directions, with something to try - the end result: it won’t work.