GPU Rendering Problem

I am using AMD Radeon R9 270 for GPU rendering with OpenCL. And it has worked fine until I installed Windows 10. I have the latest drivers, so that shouldn’t be an issue. In the screenshot you can see that when I’m rendering with GPU in the viewport it works fine, but when I want to render the final image in the image editor it renders it much faster than it should and gives me this very dark weird result.

Has this ever happened to you and do you know how to fix it? :smiley:


Insufficient info. Delete unnecessary crap form the file to supply a demo blend that still show the issue.

Check the outliner for any errors
Check render layers for any errors
Check the compositor for any errors
Check for modifiers that effect render vs viewport settings
Check render settings are correct for render vs viewport render
Check the sequencer has nothing loaded in it that overrides the scene render

Here’s the blend file!p1pBWJCZ

And here’s the decryption key : !xE3MYtMTDzKhi7HehuBgYgYRYOFSDnI2PqoRKXEqGOA

Is it top secret ?

lol forgot to put the key xD

So, have you found anything? :smiley:

Viewport and render are identical:

Damn, then it must be something wrong with my computer