GPU rendering

How do you change your setting to render from GPU instead of CPU? In previous versions, the option was in the render tab. Now, if you go to user prefs, into system, it’s there under Compute ___…The problem is, I only have CPU, and have no clue how to change that.

Do you have a GPU that is compatible with Cycles? What GPU do you have?

You can only use GPU rendering on NVidia GPUs. Also, make sure you are using Cycles, because it is not supported in Blender Internal.

WHY?! Is Blender Foundation now trying to promote NVidia GPUs in a contract or something? What’s wrong with other GPUs, because some might even be better than these NVidia ones. Oh yeah, forgot to mention I was already in Cycles…sorry

Couldn’t find my GPU name…

GPU rendering uses CUDA which is only available on supported NVidia graphics cards. Why do they use this ? Because it works. If you don’t have a supported graphics card just use your cpu

No, Blender Foundation has no contract with NVidia. Nvidia is the only card that supports CUDA, the engine Blender harnesses to render on the GPU. Due to limitations on Intel and AMD chips, Blender cannot render on those chips, so you have to use your CPU. I am still waiting for AMD support, because my laptop doesn’t have NVidia…

There’s a big bug/issue with how AMD (ATI) cards handle OpenCL (a CUDA equivalent), so there isn’t much the blender developers can do about it until it’s fixed. So it’s not out of malice, it’s just AMD refusing to fix their stuff.

If you need to find the name of your GPU, in Windows 7: Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager > Display Adapter.