GPU Renders [Please Check if you render using GPU]

Hey guys - just a quick, unrelated (slightly) question about rendering with your GPU… What graphics card have you guys got? Ive got Nvidia GeForce 210 and it does not support GPU rendering :confused: (sadly) Do i need a new one or can/should i update the drivers? i dont know…

Cycles support cards with Cuda Capability 2.0 and higher.

Even your card would work it is really slow, my GTX 550Ti is more than 10 times faster.
Other specs in my signature.

Cheers, mib.

The rules of thumb currently are:
If the card has a x60, x70 or x80 its a good choice.
The more vRAM the card has the better.
The more CUDA cores and the faster they are, the better.
The less Watt/GFLOP and the more GFLOP/Euro the more economic.
Custom cooling solutions are to prefer over reference cooling.

So, 460,470,480,560,570,580,660,670,680,770,780 are all good choices, some better than others but you find more information about this than you can read in a day in this forum if you use the ancient way of FoSeFu. :slight_smile:

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