GPU setup question

Hello all,

I want to upgrade my GPU for better performance with cycles GPU rendering. I’m considering two options:

  1. Install a Geforce Gtx 780 Ti as a second GPU with my existing Quadro 4000.

  2. Uninstall the Quadro 4000 and install two Gtx 770 or Gtx 770 4Gb GPU’s.

What would render faster?
If the second option is better,
Is the 4Gb edition of the card significantly better?

Thanks for any reply!


I would keep the Quadro for better viewport performance, and then get a GTX780 6GB as a second card to render with. If you get the Asus STRIX it can be overclocked to match a GTX780Ti in speed, but you get 6GB of vRAM, which is very nice for large scenes.
The solution with two GTX770’s is probably the choice if you look at pure render times, but I find the extra vRAM worth it to sacrifice a bit of speed on the rendering side. But it also depends a lot on what you use Blender for?

Thanks for the detailed answer, Wega!

I want to use Blender and Cycles for architectural visualization.
I did some test scenes, and found that contrary to product visualization,
Where the light surfaces are very big, so it’s classic for path tracing,
In an architectural scene were dealing with above 20 point lights to light a scene,
And it becomes hugely demanding in the number of paths and bounces needed to solve the scene correctly.
That’s why I’m considering installing 2 GPU’s.