GPU speed comps

Has any seen how the gaming gpus speed compares to the “rendering” gpus?

Personally i doubt there’s any reason to purchase a Quadro for Blender work… Back in the day they used to rope users into buying them because of special drivers that gave huge performance gains in expensive software like 3DSMAX, SolidWorks etc. I don’t see the point in paying a small fortune for a Quadro or FireGL if its for Blender work i dont think you’d get any significant performance boost in Blender… Maybe im wrong but i doubt it. Switching to Linux or E-Cycles or both might be a better way to improve performance.

I know the gaming GPU is optimized for game play. They are faster for high speed graphics. The quadro and FireGl are faster for modeling, because they are optimized for doing things like drawing pixels. I’ve used both of them, and I think the gaming GPU is good enough for blender. I have no experience with max or Maya because of subscription base. I noticed most of the professionals here always mention NVidia gaming cards.

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Here, I found this link for viewing, it explains it.