GPU support in Netrender?

Does anybody know whether Netrender currently supports GPU/CUDA rendering for Cycles?

If not, is there any way to enable it?


There is network device in Cycles code since beginning, but it seems untouched all that years. LAck of demand maybe, users tend to use proven frame level offload to other nodes as typical render farms do. Too bad, as network device will accelerate things in real time (if you have spare nodes ofc).

I am also looking for a netrender job manager (5 nodes) who can do gpu rendering with cycles.

Hi, Blender Netrender support GPU, set the slave to GPU before you switch to Netrender, switch to Cycles in client and run.


Thanks just what I needed.
Do you also know other local network renderjob managers which can do gpu rendering.

Netrender is not detecting gpu when the slaves have no monitor connected. nvidia drive is installed correctly on the rendernodes.

I know that most 3D-Programmes use renderslaves to render a hole Image, but is it possible in Blender to send a “tile” from an image to render on a slave?