GPU Upgrade, 980ti a good choice?

I am currently using an R9 280X and am looking to upgrade it soon. I am thinking of getting the 980ti, is this a good choice, or are there going to be unforeseen errors with it? Would the 1070 be a better choice?

Hi, the GTX 980Ti is so cheap atm. it´s hard to beat price/performance wise.
As Blender not even render with the GTX 10xx cards until August/September I would go with the 980Ti.
It would stay as a state of the art card for a long time.

Cheers, mib

Thank you!

Another question, if I’m working with scenes that are huge, like 10k mb or more, does the gpu even benefit me at all, or would i be in the same boat? should i invest my money into a better CPU instead? Also, when using substance painter, is it the same?

The scene has to fit in to GPU VRAM with all geometry, textures and so forth.
If you hit the limit you cant render at all.
The developer work on a patch to use host memory for GPU, it add 50% of your RAM to the GPU VRAM.
It render slower (10-15%) but break the memory limit.

If you go the CPU way you need a new mainboard and a 1000$ CPU to beat the GTX 980Ti.
The CPU is still faster on volumetrics and SSS, if you need this often it is may better to go the CPU way.

Cheers, mib
EDIT: No idea if Substance Painter is GPU accelerated but several soft ware is.
Photoshop, some Video editors, After Effects and much more.

My current build is:

AMD 8350FX
R9 280X
Windows 10

What would you suggest to help increase performance? My current scene is laggy already breaking my 4GB memory limit on GPU and i’ve only finished half the modeling, and done no texturing.

How much money do you want to spend? A Titan X will get you 12 Gbytes of vram which is three times as much as you have now. But costs around $1000, or you could wait for the GTX 1070 or 1080 to get supported and get 8 Gbytes of vram ($380 and $600).

If you want to stay with your CPU then I would definitely upgrade to a newer Intel processor, the 8350 is getting very long of tooth now. I upgraded to a I7 5820K processor for around $400 and it has significantly sped up Cycles CPU rendering for me (12 hyper cores). But you are looking to spend about $900 at least to do this as you need to upgrade the motherboard and memory at the same time.

In addition of your last post …
A better GPU or CPU does not help for viewport lagging, it is a big disadvantage of Blender compare to other 3D software.
There are some workarounds:
Use layer heavily and or scenes
Don´t use subsurf during work
Use single view ( numpad / )

Your AMD card should be fine for Blender viewport.
When you look for a new CPU search for bundles.
It is in german but only example:

Cheers, mib

Is it your CPU or GPU that’s lagging when modeling? Quick test: Rotate view around scene, then grab an object and try to move it. Lag on the former, GPU. Lag exclusively on the latter, CPU. Check your task manager to see if you are getting CPU spikes too.

Titan X is a hard sell. GTX 980ti is excellent for fast renders. GTX 1070 and 1080 may not be as fast but will be more versatile if you do other things as well.

i7 5820k is a great processor, but it can still struggle with very large scenes. I once loaded a BIM industrial plant model and just trying to move components was laggy. You’d actually be able to do the upgrade for about $600, not $900. Price still isn’t fun though.

If you are lagging in Substance painter with your specs, then either you are loading way to high poly meshes into the software (break up your meshes), or you are having driver issues. I do not know if your particular workflow is GPU accelerated, but I do know the software supports GPU acceleration. In general for all software, PBR is all GPU, Ray tracing can be either.

I’d like to be around $500 for the upgrade.

is the problem with gtx 980ti in Blender (slow rendering times) fixed? And would you rather wait for a gtx 1070 if the waiting time for implementation does not matter?
kind regards

Hi cisto, the slowdown is fixed.
You need the latest buildbot from
@Keseyrage, then go for the GTX 980Ti 6 GB, they sell it for 450$ at
If ou mainboard support 2 PCIe slots you can use AMD for vviewport/display and the GTX for Cuda/Cycles.

Cheers, mib

could slow rendering times on the 980ti be more driver issue?

As for the upgrade, wanted to say definitely go for 980ti… but as you mentioned 4gb is not enough. Do wonder at the complexity of the scene that would drive so much. Seen your bug, looks quite detailed. Still it should not drive that much memory usage.

Either way, as was mentioned, TitianX with 12GB. Or stick with CPU rendering.

For CPU right now there is a “craze” for E5-2670. These are 8 core 16 thread Xeons and go for about 60 or 70 USD a piece. Two of them and you have a system that outpaces even the newest i7 6950, for fraction of the cost. Though there isn’t much of an upgrade path.

Second option is E5-2680 v3 using DDR4 platform, so newer, and used CPU’s are reasonable at around 400 on aliexpress… These are 14 core 24 thread per core, so plenty of hoursepower if you get two of them.

is there a significant difference between all the different types of 980ti? I have done some browsing and there are like 50 different ones available from different companies and with different names and prices.

I think I’m going to go for the 980ti for now and use vram memory saving tips and render scenes and stuff to help keep it down. my cpu actually renders pretty quickly usually, but it would be nice to have gpu volumetrics and stuff.

Mostly there are three parts that differ

The cooling
voltage regulators.
GPU/Memory clocks

If which ever you get will be a major boost in rendering over what you have, so do not worry.

If you do want to OC, then look for one with beafy cooler and dual 8pin PCIe plugs. But generally hard to choose.

Still from my side, for rendering, just get the cheapest non stock cooled version.

… and second opinion, I prefer the stock cooling called Nvidia reference design.
It soak air from the inside of the case and blow it out backside.
The other coolers soak from inside and blow inside the case, make no sense for me.

Cheers, mib

so i found out my card actually only has 3gb right now, so 6 would be double, and 8 would be even more. the 1070 and 980ti are the same price right now, but the 1070 will be going down soon. the main difference between the cards as i understand it is that the 980ti has 2500~ cuda cores and the 1070 only has 1920~. is this a significant difference? if not, i’ll likely go for the 1070 for the 2gb additional v ram

Hi, you cant compare core numbers between different core types.
We don´t have exact benchmarks but 1070 should be slower than 980Ti, nobody knows how much.
GTX 10xx are not supported now, Cuda 8.0 release is end of July.
There are workarounds but all experimental.

Cheers, mib

But when overclocked the 1070 has almost the double clock speed of the 980Ti. The 1070 would be 5-10% slower then 980 Ti.
When you didn’t really need the power now then safe some money and wait for 1080 Ti.