I have no Gpu, but I believe I have these mapped right,

Can someone take a look for me?

I can’t see them (or alpha channel at all)

I can guess using only in material preview window

the missiles should be adding alpha smoke, and then a explosion

So we should have

Missiles - adding smoke and flying at target

Laser cannon- tracks to missiles, ray strike triggers firing

Missile explodes

my computer will also only run this @ ~30 fps

let me know if is to fast or slow on a decent comp?


PrettyMissileSystemUpdate.blend (581 KB)

You forgot to pack the textures in. Here’s a good link for learning explosion effects:


one sec

I have gotten a decent explosion from adding alpha mapped planes that then die and add a larger fainter plane,

But that was when I could see what I was doing :smiley:


PrettyMissileSystemUpdate.blend (611 KB)

Everything seems to be working good, but the way it explodes isn’t very convincing to me. It just a very quick puff of smoke and nothing else.

You should look at the link I gave you. Or if you’d like I could take a break from the ship tomorrow and try my hand at this.

Edit: oh, and it runs at 60 fps on my comp and logic is at 4% which might be a little high.

You can if you feel like it,

I can’t really do much more as it is not visible to me accept in rendering mode,
which is useless here,
as it is animated by logic.

I am really just trying to get a feel for player and enemy weapon systems and targeting lasers :smiley:

This file - is a example of targeting by feeding a target from another object, and then “torque tracking” it
meaning that it is not instant like “trackTo”



TrackAndShoot(update).blend (587 KB)

Ok I guess I won’t then…

you can if you want to, I am not discouraging you,

I am just playing around, but these tests may end up in game directly

(especially a low resource using nice explosion :D)

I was just saying that you would have to do a video capture for me to see it, as I can’t play the file and have textures :frowning:

Great, I’ll try to post a video of it on my youtube tomorrow, I just wasn’t sure by your previous response if you wanted my help or not. I do really like the tracking system:D

The textures look good but need a little more work.Because it seems like the rockets and ball are not completely textured.

Interesting but it’s not adapting to new targets. For example if you spawn targets from an empty it’s not going after them at all. If you duplicate the targets with shift+d nothing happens , lol. It’s way too static. Try to come up with something that is more adaptive , more dynamic and less complicated to code or easier to configure. If you move all the targets far away is not even able to lock on target and what about moving targets that are far away and moving very fast ? For those you need to predict and shoot way ahead of their current position because the bullet is too slow and takes time to reach them.

it tracks targets within a 30 unit radius

you can lead a target by using linear velocity,

it tracks using a track to closest if distance is less then 30

else track empty

it does seem to have some bugs though