GPUOffScreen.draw_view3d() is not capturing mesh edits when in sculpt mode

I’m creating an operator that at the moment renders the viewport into an offscreen buffer and then draws a copy of that buffer on the viewport (creating a picture-in-picture sort of effect, with the mini window being a thumbnail of the viewport). This is working for all modes except sculpting. When I am sculpting a mesh, my offscreen buffer continues to be drawn with the mesh as it was before I entered sculpting mode. The mesh doesn’t update until I switch from sculpting mode to object mode.

I suspect that Blender is not updating the mesh data until sculpt mode is exited and the GPUOffScreen.draw_view3d() is using the object mode mesh data rather than sculpt mode. None the less, I would like to be able to render the view when I am still in sculpt mode and not have to keep switching back to object mode just to flush the changes to the base mesh. Can I use a GPUOffScreen object to capture the mesh in the middle of a sculpting session?

i may be wrong but I don’t believe you can- this was one of the big performance improvements made to sculpt mode, it has a very streamlined data path and, as you have discovered, does not update mesh data until you leave the mode.