GPU's and CPU's that work well with Eevee

i am building a computer and would like to know what CPU and GPU I should get. i am on an $800 budget for the computer in total, so please keep the pricing under about $300.

What’s the problem? You won’t get more help by just spamming threads.

i have stopped spamming, sorry, i did not mean to be annoying (i also did not mean to spam, did not know i was spamming).
so, can we work out an answer? please?

Short version.

Eevee only cares about GPU. like any game engine. And single GPU at that. So spend more on GPU and not so much on the CPU.

ok, i’ll note that down.

so what GPU’s do you recommend?

well, from what i know of how real time engines work like Eevee, it uses the CPU for equations, and then passes the information to the GPU. that is why i put CPU in the title too with GPU. so should i worry on the CPU? or is the GPU like main priority and then CPU?

I think I would buy a desktop AMD Ryzen with as much RAM as you can afford, with an internal 512 GB SSD and no video card. Then buy a pre-owned NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti from eBay.

Hey, everything’s cool. I caught you at last;)
Since there is a bit confusion with the amount of posts I’d (again) want to point to my reply in your first thread.
On topic of this particular one, I’d second @chippwalters suggestion.
I am confused about the comments targetting Eevee. Did you mention that somewhere I missed it?
Anyway that’s a point to consider. What are your goals wiith Blender?
Btw. am I right you are in the US market? I am just guessing since our only hint is the lonely $ sign in your budget.

yes, that is correct.

i plan to make original minecraft animations (stories, music videos, etc.), i will say, i don’t exactly have a giant goal, but maybe i will come up with one in the near future.

Sorry you are correct in that its always a mixture of both CPU and GPU. but Eevee unlike game engines does not process AI or other such types where CPU is needed.

As such use of CPU is limited. I’ll do some testing on my setup and report back what I see in task manager when I view Eevee in viewport, and when I render and will reprot back

So did a test on my system (Threadripper 1950x with Vega 64 - using Blender 2.81a and 2.80 on Windows 10)

using my own scene

CPU spiked to 5% then dropped to 3%… looking at task manager a single core jumped to 80%, all others were not used)

GPU spiked to 56% usage… was honestly hoping for 100%…

So all you need is a fast single core, and good GPU.

Can someone with Nvidia card confirm if they see GPU utilization at 100% when rendering?