.gr2 plugin

Hi all!
I want to get an export plugin for Blender, which exports .gr2 files.
I also want an import plugin, which imports the bones of a gr2 file.
This Plugin already exist for 3D studio Max, but I need it for Blender.
If someone would code it for me, i would pay 500$-1500$!
You can contact me via Skype:darkshadowstar1

Here you can download the import tool: http://gr2decode.altervista.org/download.html <- it’s called “SMD Tools” the Version I need, is the version for “3ds max 6/7” because of the sdk.

I’ve upload the export plugin for you to a 1-click filehoster, the plugin is called “expotron”. I hope the “references” will help to code them!

kind regards