Grab a vertice and make teh model pull proportionally

Hello everyone!

I’ve been studying blender using Andrew Price video of kitchen modeling. In his video while modeling a boiling pot’s top, he went into edit mode, grabbed a top vertice of a sphere and pulled it down. But not just one vertice went down, but the whole model went down proportionally. There was a circle which appeared out of nowhere and he made that circle bigger to make the proportional pull bigger.

So how can I push the whole sphere in by grabbing just one vertice?

Thanks alot guys in advance for the help! :slight_smile:

Proportional edit mode (O) or icon on 3d view header. Use scroll wheel or page up/page down buttons to adjust size.

Thanks a lot for the help!!! I was turning proportional mode, but I was doing it wrong, after a few times, i figured how it worked, now all is fine! Thanks alot for pointing out! :slight_smile: