Grab/Move points in View X with metric

I have an object where I want to move points along a line that’s 30 degress off the X axis. I can use the 4 key to rotate the view precisely 30 degrees, I can grab my points, and I can use the arrow keys to move in View X and View Y. It will even tell me how much I’m moving in both real X, real Y, and View X space. But how to I tell it “move precisely 2 units in View X”? Seems that if Grab supported V-X (instead of just X or XX), I’d be set. Am I missing something?


Tieman, how about this way below?

  1. select vertice X,
  2. set cursor to X,
  3. Grab X by X axis to 2 length unit (“g-x- 2”)
    V is new location of vertice X

Bizarre!? Suddenly G-X-X is doing just what I wanted, which is to change from Global X to View (not Local?) X. I’ll report back if I find a case where this doesn’t happen.