Grab tool goes crazy!

I have a strange problem: when I try to grab a face in edit mode, it scales in x axis smaller or bigger. In z and y axes it moves like it should, but x axis has something weird. And this problem exists in only one blend file. When I start editing in a new blend file, everything works fine. So what’s the problem? In active mode grab tool works well. I use blender 2.49.

Probabily your object center is misplaced on X axis. Whenever you scale something, this center object is used to scale symetrically.

In object mode, Press F9 to go to editing panel, mesh panel -> Center New button. It should do the trick.

It didn’t help, because the problem appears in every object I try to edit, not in only one object.

And it seems that I have understood and thus explained the problem wrong:
I tried to edit a bit more complicated mesh (subdivided sphere); grabbed some faces from the left side of the sphere and moved them more left, same number of faces straight in the right side of the sphere moved right at the same time (the opposite faces of which I selected). It just seemed to “scale” when I grabbed one face of a simple cube and the opposite face moved also to opposite direction.

I hope I explained this problem correctly… may seem complicated because I don’t speak english as my native language :D. Tell me if you don’t understand!

sounds like you have “x axis mirror” turned on

in edit mode bring up the editing buttons (F9) then uncheck “X-axis mirror” in the ‘Mesh Tools More’ tab

Thanks! That was the problem!