Grab tool problems - v2.73a

I want to grab a part of my mesh and pull it down, but the grab tool dont work. It only work on small parts.

It only work on the field marked blue, but I want to pull down the field marked red. I tried different settings with no luck.

Hope someone can help.

Increase brush radius (F) and/or brush strength (Shift+F)Ensure you have no masking


If You use the brush we see in Your picture…That’s the reason You can’t grab it …It’a a thumb brush…Use the grab brush hehe


Oh, it was meant to be the grab tool, but I didnt see that I had the tumb tool. Whith masking, do you mean this?

Now you seem to changing from Sculpt mode to Edit mesh mode… No brushes and masking in Edit mode.
While in Sculpt mode, if you look on the Menu there is “Hide/Mask” which probably was mentioned earlier. If mask is in effect tools can not impact masked area.

I know, but I think its the polygon thats getting in the way for the grab tool. How do I fix that, without affecting the model?

If this “plane” is in a way, delete corner vertices and fill in hole using Grid Fill (search Space Bar). Or try G some of it’s faces before.