Grab/Translate active to cursor

Hi there,

I’m still new to blender (using it around a week). I was wondering if there is a way (in edit-mode) to move/grab/translate a number of selected vertices such that the active-vertex snaps to the 3D-cursor.

Eg. I can’t use Snap->Selected-to-Cursor, as it will snap all selected vertices to the 3D-cursor instead of only the active-vertex while “moving the selected ones along”.

Intuitively I’m looking for something like

  • Grab
  • Pivot: Active-Element
  • Snap-Element: 3D-Cursor

(This would ofc not make sense, since there would be only one snap-element… :rolleyes:)

PS: There is no vertex/edge/face/volume/grid-line to use as snap-element while grab-bing.

Simplified Use-Case:
Suppose I wanted to place a wall (already modeled) on a given mesh, such that the start of the wall sits exactly at the center (given by the 3D-cursor) of the mesh.

Greets, Sirow :spin:

Insert some temporary element in the first mesh (add vertice, then in object mode or edit mode with another object use snapping while move. Selection to cursor works relative to object’s centre and (non destructively :)) only in object mode.
Kinda workaround…
Hope helps.

There is no easy way you can snap an object to the 3D-cursor in edit mode. (AFAIK)
And IMHO there is no need for it in Edit mode as there is a bunch of snapping modes available.

If you want to join two different objects at the 3D-cursor you can adjust the points of origin for snapping to each other.

In Edit mode you can snap the 3D cursor to any vertex you want.
[shift-s --> Cursor to Selected]
Then in Object mode adjust the center of origin to match the position of the 3D cursor
[3D view menu: Object --> Transform --> Origin to 3D Cursor]

Now you can align the 3D cursor to any vertex in your second mesh in edit mode.
Back in Object mode select your first mesh and align it to the 3D-cursor
[shift-s --> Selection to Cursor]

If you are satisfied with the alignment you may join the two different objects into one mesh (If you need to).

You can’t snap directly to the 3d-cursor, but you can easily place a vertex wherever your 3d-cursor is (duplicate one, shift+s->t), and then use vertex snapping. You mention Pivot, but that doesn’t really affect snapping. The snapping-option Snap Target determines what part of the selection is used as snap-centerpoint.

Note that you have to select the Snap to Self option to snap to elements within the same object. And that free-floating invisible vertices of non-selected objects are still used for snapping.
So you can, for example, parent an object with a single vertex to an empty, and use that as a snappable secondary 3d-cursor. Or just extrude the single vertex down and have a visible one-edge object. Snapping to the wrong end shouldn’t be much of an issue.

And if you didn’t know… holding ctrl enables snapping. A few miles more convenient than the magnet-toggle.