Grab while holding key, without needing a click to confirm

Hey guys,

Any way to set blender to grab selection both in edit and object mode, while holding a key?
Now you have to hit a key, move mouse and hit click to confirm.
I want to grab while holding a key and confirm once I release said key.

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File / User Preferences / Editing, Release Confirms option
Hold RMB, release mouse button to confirm translation

Never noticed that option. I turned it on, but still requires me to hit select to confirm.
Here is my current mapping, tried also turning on “confirm on release” but it’s the same thing.
Current mapping is under middle mouse, Maya style translate into any direction without using the manipulator.

Here are some screenshots of the settings I’ve used. I’ve tried also restarting blender and testing in edit mode and object mode, with the same result



P.S. I tried the Transform Modal Map, But I couldn’t find a way to set the “release” event, it still confirms once I click.

It is regarding Blender 2.77a for Mac.