"Grab Your Gum"

Hi everybody. This is my first thread here in BlenderArtists. :smiley:

The web site of the film is this:


the link of the video on youtube and vimeo (its the same video) with the best animation tests done by now:

The text I put on the video description is this (it explain a lot of things): :eyebrowlift2:

"This is a personal project Im working on. It’s a comedy, a really short 3d animation (about 4min). The official title is “Grab your Gum”.

I still don’t know what to tell you that won’t be a spoiler so let’s stick to the basics: it’s about a man at a beautiful beach and he meets a “Guruçá”, that’s the nick name for a very common crab species that live at our beaches here in Brazil.

In a couple weeks I hope this animation is done, but I dont know for sure. The project has non-commercial purpose.

I used Blender 3d for all 3d stuff. "


Looks great, haha, don’t like the hair on the crab legs though, doesn’t fit :S

Cant wait to see it finished!

Thanks, but sorry my english, I did not understand what you mean with the hair doesnt fit…

It’s not right - looks out of place. You wouldn’t get hairy legs on a hard shelled creature.

The rest of the modelling and animation looks good.

In some of the video you posted it looks like there is too much SSS (Subsurface scattering) on your human character. There shouldn’t be that much light shining through.

So far I like your work a lot!

I love to eat crab! Here in Manguinhos beach they do the best crab ever. Next time I go there I give you a call folks ahahahahahahah

Anyway, I posted a photo for you guys see where did my movie star come from! I think you can see the hair on the legs.

And about the SSS, its a personal choice I liked a lot of the reds on the skin. But I think that when you see the guy on the very iluminated beach you gonna change opnion about this.

Thanks for the comments!


Of course crabs have hair in their legs. Afterall they are all closely related to the arachnoid family.

The animation so far looks Disney worthy, great stuff, please keep up the excellent work.

Can you show the wires and controls of the face rig…?

kilon > Men to be compared to Disney is the top complement ever, thanks a lot.

andrepazleal > as soon as I got some free time I show better the facial rig, ok? now my computer have loads of rendering to do.

This are some tests of the beach. I did all the 3d stuff, my cousin Pedro did the clouds in a PNG, I used a billboard to put the clouds on the beach.


great looking work dude and i defo agree about the hairs on crabs

Wow, is that sand displacement or sculpt?

Its a mix of both! The smal detail are displace and the general surface was sculpted. (I dont know if this is the past of the verb sculpt sorry if its wrong ;))

yeah, it’s the past tense of ‘sculpt’ and that is a seriously good look you have going on there. You’re right, the brightness of the beach might make the SSS look less obvious, but I think even if you don’t turn down the strength of the sss, I think you should turn down the radius a bit. Right now all the light is getting blurred out and absorbed, so with the specular effect on top I think your guy is looking a little dark and a bit too shiny. The rest of it looks great, though. I love the blink animation for your crab.

Just a Little update, I got almost 2000 frames rendered. I am a little bit late because I work as a freelancer, and a week ago I got a job to do after 3 months of non working at all! So this is a good new for me, but this take a part of the time I had to spend on the Grab Your Gum.

But the result is awesome by now, Im really happy with it! the 3 months of work spended worth it! And I will finish no matter what, the animation is all set up. I did storyboard, animatic and a video reference of the all 4 min of video.

hey that looks great!
i am also working on a beach scene, can you tell me how is the sea done? mine looks pretty lame.
thanks in advance

The animations look really good, the poster is great, too. Can’t wait to see more!

Hi men, thanks! Glad you liked!

About the sea, what exactily you wanna know? Because its basically a clouds texture applied on a subdivided plane. :smiley: The thing is try try try and try until you find something that you like watch. :wink: You could post a pic of your sea and I tell what I think, ok?

i was just curios about the foam generated on the edges of the sea shore which looks nice. my sea scene looks more like a pond. although the my beach scene looks pretty dcent. i will post the final result once my comic is complete

Because this project has no finnancial support, I needed to stop it to work on somethings that earn some money and I have so many tests at college that I had no free time to continue it.

But 11th december I’ll be back on track! And this time I hope dont stop it again.
I’m wondering to record some video tutorial, so I’ll be accepting requests to what tecnique used on Grab do you want to hear about. So lets do a small vote list and the most requested I’ll record the video as sun as I be able to.