Grabbers (cursor with 2 points) addon wip

Hi all,
i would like to show you my wip addon, get some feedbacks, and talk about it.
I would like to make it better too with the use of custom gizmos so if you have any material, please drop it , XD

What are Grabbers:
“A 2 point cursor” that works ignoring the origin of the object to move it , rotate it , scale it.
it can use and upload in function the distance and direction between these 2 points to :

  • Rotate 1 object toward a point under the mouse.
  • Scale 1 object so that 1 particular part is large exactly like another object part
  • Move an object , overlapping 1 own vertex to another object vertex

How works the Code:
Its a bit messy , and there are some errors that i would like to get some help with .
Basically it creates some objects,the grabbers, and move them on surfaces and vertex,
Then the script parent the objects to the grabbers to rotate and scale them accordingly,
the script is made also for moving the origin of the objects if needed but it ignore the origin for work.

I was planing to make it a 3 point for having full control on rotations
so you can also add a locator to switch locations… and more things
i am working on the design of the menu too, right now i am quite happy but can be better.
i would really add a gizmo for this that let me move the object based on the grabber position, from the grabber position .

Video :

Python link :


I remember needing something like this in the past. It’s the kind of problem that people just wing their way through when it comes up. Proper tools for object alignment come a long way so I hope this gets some more attention.

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Hi @Zyl Thank you for reply,
Basically these operations can be done with the normal blender
using some combo of cursor , orientations , snaps…

But i hope this feel more intuitive and practical (and useful XD )