Grabbing/ Moving the active Grease Pencil Layer?

Hello, as far as I know, there’s no option to grab/move the displayed grease pencil layer geographically to somewhere else, no? Like, as if it was a regular object.

I know I could convert it either to Path or Curve, but I like how it looks now, it’s a couple of letters extruded using “Thickness” of Strokes up to 10, I just would love to move it somewhere else to work on it later.

Alternatively, any tips on how to repeat that graphical effect using either path, curve or mesh?

Anyways, I might find some dirty solution, even if it’s just making a screenshot and re-importing it as a texture :wink: (even though Blender wouldn’t support Gif Import and adding it to the keyframes I suppose, so just manually maybe)

I don’t believe there is a way to do that unless you convert it to either a path or a bezier curve

Well. Having a lot of trouble setting up this “animated texture” on my plane,
a change of textures, 2 images, switched between as an endless loop (like the GIF).
Problem is that I don’t want my blend to be a final rendered video, but i want it to be a live interactive environment, so, I assume, it’s my only option, using the Game Engine.

Loaded two pictures on the plane as an “image sequence”, and it works, I can see the update of texture in the texture preview display while cycling through the keyframes. It’s also showing in the final render, keyframe 0 + F12, keyframe 1 + F12 show different textures, keyframes 3, 4, 5, et cetera vice versa.

In the game engine, it’s simply showing the texture of the keyframe it’s in while starting the engine.

Tried adding it as an action that’s always triggered in the Logic Editor also, nothing happenin’

Very annoying on top of it: Blender forgets the path to the image sequence every time I run the Game Engine (Standalone Player->Start). It’s showing the path repeated several times, thus showing practically to nowhere. <path><path><path><path> instead of:<path>. This can be seen after returning to the 3d view and running the engine again, the texture will be black.


I’m sure I’ll find a solution some time.