GrabTool not moving Smooth

Hello, my I am new in Blender so forgive me if this is a noobish question :slight_smile:

My grabtool isn’t moving things smooth, how can I make it move smooth again?


in scuplt mode ?

check your curve, make sure its rounded… (on the left of the screen, in sculpt mode, there is tab called curve)

No I am working in Edditmode with bezier curves.

Maybe you have alot of things with big meshes and lots of faces on one layer and its slowing down your computer. If you can you can move some to another or other layers.

is snapping on? try pressing [CTRL] while moving.

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Don’t think it is that because it’s a very simple and small model.

You’re right, snapping is on and when I press [CTRL] it moves smooth again, does anyone know how I set snapping off?

the button is on the bottom of the 3dview window. it’s looking like a magnet. you can turn it on or off and toggle it everytime with [CTRL] while moving/scaling/rotating.

Thanks alot, you solved the problem for me :slight_smile: