Gradient color steps

oh, an my origin question :slight_smile:

i’m quite new to blender, but already totally caught by its mighty power!

Ok: i rendered a simple pic with a dark gradient in the
background (cause by a smooth lightning). Unfortunately you can see the
color change steps as if the color resolution is too low. It look like
onion rings :frowning: Is there a trick to diffuse these steps somehow? Where
do these steps come from, what is the problem?


Old Blender issue… search for “Banding” to see past topics.

Basically, if you save to .png or .tga (better color depth than .jpg) the saved pic should display OK on an image viewer. If not, then set the color depth of your monitor to 24 or 32.
If it has to do only with shadows then up the shadow bias.


Actually, it’s not so much a Blender issue per se, but the limit of the color depth. Which can be limited by your monitor and by the formats Blender saves to (which uses a 24 bit color depth).
Lossy compression (JPG format) can also worsen the apparent banding.

Dithering would help reduce the apparent banding and will most likely be in 2.35



thanks for your hints. Yes i think it’s a problem of the color resolution (which is 32 on my machine). The problem occurs with PNG export. I was wondering if there’s a way of dithering to avoid this, theeth, you gave the answer, thanks. Looking forward to 2.35