gradient transparency

I’m trying to make a column opaque at the top and fading to transparent at the bottom. I’ve unwrapped a cylinder, UVd it, created and applied a gradient over the body of the cylinder, applied the texture to the UV (Map Input), and Col & Alpha channels in 'Map To. Not working.

I tried moving the material Alpha value to 0 - still didn’t work.

I engaged ZTransp - still didn’t work.


Add a Blend texture mapped to Alpha not Col and turn the Material Alpha down to zero with Z or Ray Transp, whichever you’re using.


Tried all of that earlier. Mapping to Alpha does abso nothing. I get no gradated transparency. Yes, “Ray” is turned on in ‘Render’ panel.

== edit ==
found my error. I was using a flattened gradation (read: grayscale) for my transp mask.