Grading a time lapse

Hi there. I have a time lapse sequence, taken with a DLSR, I’d like to get this into blender and stick some stuff on top. I can get the frames into blender ok and build a film, that’s fine, but I really need to ‘grade’ the frames of the time lapse. It’s outside so varying cloud cover makes a huge difference to brightness even with all the best settings on the camera to even this out. And it’s a good camera.

I know this is more of a photographic question but a lot of you out there are the arty type and I’m sure someone somewhere must have done this.

I don’t have a budget to use After Effects, if it were a one time purchase I would, but I HATE subscription software so much I’ll never own it. I’ve been searching for other software to do the job, but after several installs I’m getting disillusioned and a bit fed up!

Anyone have any ideas? (Apart from posting on photographic forums who are all failing to send me a confirmation email. Grrrr.)


The problem here is that Blender is not temporally aware so it can’t look forward and back to average exposure changes per frame. You’d need to graph average exposure change then inverse that over a sequence.

You could try the free software DavinciResolve. It should be capable of doing this.