Gradual Performance Degradation

Hi all!
New to Blender, new to this site… ugh, I guess I’m just a newb all 'round. How humbling!

Anyway, love the program… but there’s just one issue that’s bothering me. I start it up… it works fine. Smooth view translations/zooming/rotating/whatnot.

HOWEVER, after a few (maybe 10? it varies) minutes… I’ll start to notice things responding “sluggishly”. For example, I’ll click the mouse button, and it’ll be a few seconds before the button or whatever I was clicking responds.

Over time this gets unbearable… 10, 15 second waits before the “mouseclick” is “processed”!

I save/quit Blender…
Restart the program…
Reload the scene.

And no problems! (for another 10 minutes or so)

Anyone know what gives? What I can to do remedy this issue?

I’ve got the specs on my machine, but I don’t think that’s the issue here:
Athlon 2400
1.25 GB RAM
Radeon 9700 Pro (128 MB card, 8x AGP)

Thanks for any help rendered!
>-~~-> Dr. Pimento


Ok… if the fact that the card is ATI is a problem… is there a work-around?

:-? @ correct-yet-incomprehensible post

use 2.23!!!

uhh, no

hi DrPimento,

Welcome to Blender!

over at theres 2 posts that my help.
(the graphic card sticky post and reg settings for ati users):

hope this helps,


Hey! Thanks a million for the direction, H@dj…

I “downgraded” my ATI drivers to Cat 3.9, and viola!
No more problems!

Best of all, my games only took a 5 or so fps hit… so it’s livable all the way around. :slight_smile:

Now, if only they would get that GL issue fixed, so I can run the latest drivers… :wink:

we’re all hoping for this fix…

3.9 are the only solution. good news is, we complained to the point that ATI sent Ton a radeon 9800 XT , 9700 pro, and 9500 pro free of charge to sort this out. :smiley:

I use 3.6 opengl drivers in my blender folder, and most stuff works quite fast now. Only background images and UV-mapping cause slowing down and freezing.

Please just read this.

The answer is to use Catalyst 3.9 or earlier. Drivers can be found at . Choose accordinly to your OS and so on and once transfered on the Catalyst 4.3 page go to the bottom for a link to older drivers.

That is the solution to that problem (a slow memory leak).


If I downgrade the dispaly adapter, do I have to downgrade the control panel as well? As well, the WDM video capture?

By the way, I tried Cat 4.4 today and it doesn’t work either.

I just bought an ATI 9600 Pro All-in-Wonder. It comes with the Catalyst 3. 10. Quite frankly, I wonder why I’d use anything else. The new drivers are most of the time aimed at gamers, to maintain an edge and don’t change anything to the accessory programs.


Well, I guess what people are saying here is correct. Yesterday, I was still using Catalyst 3.8 (a version made by my card’s manufacterer) and blender worked like an oiled machine! But I found out that the latest drivers from AtI supported my card too now, so I installed Catalyst 4.4. And well…suxy as hell! Blender responds veeeery slow to it, impossible to work that way.
Is there any news on when this will be fixed? I guess I’ll go back to 3.8 or 3.9 for now…

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