Gradual posing from Pose Library anyone?

I’m wondering about something. Is it something I have missed or is it just a feature missing.

I have a rigged character with poses in the pose library. For example when selecting the finger joints and adding a pointing pose to the fingers, I would like to have the new pose to be added gradually, say with a spinner value. Not just an absolute button (the little “Apply specified Pose Library pose to the rig.” button). I would like to make the pose keyed in between two poses for greater flexibility.

Is there any way to achieve this?
Using a scirpt or add-on?
Is my question clear to anyone?

Best regards and many thanks in advance.

Don’t have a clue what your trying to do, but you can always put a breakdown key where you need it. Shift E and move the cursor horizontal left or right in the 3d window in Version 2.79B for armatures. There is also Control E and Alt E. It’s in the inbetweens under pose when you are in pose mode in the header.

Thanks for your effort.
I’ll try to better describe what I’m after.
When switching from one pose to another I want to be able to gradually apply the new pose. Not just snap it on. Is there a way to do this, a script or add-on?

OK your lip syncing. The way I do this is set a keyframe in between M and O by using shift E which give me the breakdown. Then I substitute that pose for the original M (or O) to get it to not snap. What you are doing is then modifying the M or O. People slur their movement anyway and most are not that distinct if you watch them, so it shouldn’t matter. Alternatively I cheat a little by moving say M forward and O a little back. Other than that I set a new pose by say moving the mouth a little closed for the O and a little open for the M until it doesn’t snap. If you ever look at Valenza’s work he doesn’t even do that. He just opens the mouth a little and moves the lips just a little. If I find something I like I set that as a pose so I don’t have to recreate it when I hit the same combination.

I’m not sure what you mean by snapping. I understand that if you just apply one pose, then another, yes, the character snaps from one pose to another. But in an animation, you are not going to be changing from one pose to another on one frame, it will happen over 3-4 (or more) frames, which should be a smooth enough transition from one pose to another.

Also, I don’t add a pose for every phoneme. If there are 3 phonemes, and the middle one isn’t really very well defined in the audio track, I omit it. This will help to avoid ‘motor mouth’ sort of animation.


Thanks everybody for your feedback.

I see a need for a new feature regarding this. Anyone doing code who is up for it? Can I post this feature request somewhere?

I made a mock-up to show what I would like to see int the PoseLibrary.
The little arrows are spinner-zones where the value always originates from null and when dragged goes up to 1.000. So whatever value your previous pose had, when dragging on a new pose, the bones adjust from 0 (previous post) up to 1.000 (new pose) and sets a key upon releasing the mouse button.
(Please mind, the keys are set in the bones (as originally) and NOT in the spinner value zone of the PoseLibrary. Those values are not keyable, only tools for gradually applying a pose.)

If that’s what you are trying to do, just convert them to shape keys on your mesh. Then you can put a driver on them and voila!

Yes, sure I can do that, but then I lose the flexibility that bones provide, I mean tweaking a specific key when necessary. And mixing shape-key- and bone-animation is a hustle.
Easy to end up with time consuming issues like “where did I do what?”.

I don’t want to sound negative, but TBH, I don’t see the sense of your idea/proposal…

I agree 100% with this, stay away from shape key animation when doing main character animation work. Shape keys are only useful for auto-correcting part of the mesh deform.

But, with your idea, using the pose library to set a pose at say 50% of the pose in the library, are your really accomplishing anything?

I like the flexibility of bones too. When I lip sync, I set my main phonemes to the dialog, then go thru the main keys and tweak the mouth anyway. As your in there tweaking those bones, you’ll set the pose to 50%. I mean, I don’t see it as a big deal, myself.

But I don’t know, here’s the last thing I did lip sync wise…
Judge for yourself…